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Kyrie Irving injures hip during FIBA World Cup

Irving took a nasty fall during the USA vs Ukraine FIBA game.  He was slow to get up and was eventually helped back to the locker room.

Update: All seems to be fine with Kyrie according to Twitter:

Monday Morning Roundup

Cavs Beat Memphis

The Cavs hung on to beat Memphis last night in OT 91-83.  Kyrie finished the first quarter with 14 points and by the end of the game he had racked up 28 points & six assists. Cleveland has now won back to back games since firing GM Chris Grant. Make sure to check out Kyrie’s ridiculous layup to send the Cavs to OT & Waiters dunk late last night.



Vinnie Pestano lost his arbitration case recently. He was looking for $1.45M, but will instead receive $975K. Pestano only pitched 35 1/3 innings in 2013, posting a 4.08 ERA with 9.4 K/9 and 5.3 BB/9. He injured his elbow during the World Baseball Classic and changed his delivery, so that may be partly to blame for the inflated ERA.

A Justin Masterson trade is still being talked about.  He’s still in an arbitration battle with the Indians and is looking for $11.8M, while the Tribe has offered $8.05M.  It’ll be interesting to watch this play out – we know that Masterson will start the season with the Indians. The questions is, will he be dealt midway in 2014?


There is a lot going on with the Browns: Pettine & Shannahan have been hired, Cleveland will have over $45M in cap space to resign or acquire free agents, and Draft Day 2014 is creeping up so speculation on who they will take at #4 is growing louder.

There is still chatter that the Browns will trade up to grab Johnny Manziel at #1 overall, but they could wait until #4 and take Teddy Bridgewater(If the draft gods are correct in their predictions). The Browns currently hold the #4 and #26 overall picks in the 2014 draft.

Devone Bess: He is owed $5.75M this year. Most Clevelanders agree that the Browns will sever ties with the WR on March 11 when the league year begins.  The Browns could also file a grievance with the Miami Dolphins, who knew that Bess was hospitalized before being traded to Cleveland.

Honorable Mention: Chud has been hired by the Indianapolis Colts as “Special Assistant to the Head Coach”.


Something Has To Change (Poll)

Screengrab via @nbarocksstc

That photo says it all.

The Lakers ran out of players and still beat the Cavs by eleven last night. When they arrived in Cleveland, they only had eight healthy players.  They still built up a 19 point lead in the first quarter and shot over 70% from the floor. Four minutes in to the second quarter LA built up their lead to 29 points.

With 3:32 to go, the game turned bizarre. The NBA rulebook had to be consulted after Robert Sacre received his 6th foul which should have put him on the bench. But since the Lakers had no one else, Sacre could stay on the floor. The full rule is here:


Section I-Team

a. Each team shall consist of five players. No team may be reduced to less than five players. If a player in the game receives his sixth personal foul and all substitutes have already been disqualified, said player shall remain in the game and shall be charged with a personal and team foul. A technical foul also shall be assessed against his team. All subsequent personal fouls, including offensive fouls, shall be treated similarly. All players who have six or more personal fouls and remain in the game shall be treated similarly.

I don’t know how much worse it can get for the Cavs. The February 20 trade deadline is looming and we can almost anticipate a move to be made.  The Luol Deng trade was supposed to be the last piece to this puzzle, helping to push the Cavs into the playoffs. Instead, things seemed to have gotten worse.

Moving Dion Waiters seems to be the obvious choice for the Cavs front office. We’ve heard about his arguments with team members and his dismissal from practice. One option for Waiters is with the Milwaukee Bucks for 29 year old Gary Neal. He’s most remembered for Game 3 of last year’s NBA Finals, but could still be a good option off the bench.


Monday Morning Roundup


The Pheonix Suns came into Cleveland last night flat footed and the Cavs took advantage of that…for two quarters. After halftime the two teams seemed to have switched roles. Cleveland only scored six points in the third quarter – the lowest by any NBA team this season. They went 2-22 during that quarter and gave up their 20 point half time lead, eventually losing by nine.

“It was hard to watch,” Brown said. “Very disappointing. Our guys should be embarrassed by the way we played in the second half.”

It was hard for fans at the game too.  They eventually resorted to booing the home team after their third quarter collapse.

Final Score 99-90.


Looking at the photo below you’d believe the Pro-Bowl was almost a real football game.  Teammates were hitting each other. The defenses were actually trying. For the dozen or so Browns fans watching, there was one play that stuck out. T.J. Ward taking out Josh Gordon, sending him flipping through the air.

via USA Today

Ward wasn’t the only Brown to get on the highlight reel. Jordan Cameron had a touchdown in the fourth quarter and finished with 27 total yards. Josh Gordon had 66 yards receiving and a TD.  Joe Haden had an interception. TJ Ward had the hit of the game. It was a good night to be a Browns fan.

Team Rice came away with a $53,000 for each player for their 22-21 win and Team Sanders received $23,000 per player.


There have been a lot of small headlines recently surrounding the Indians. Charlie Nagy is back in Cleveland as a pitching instructor. Jim Thome has a statue that will be unveiled in August at Progressive Field and could be headed for the Indians HOF soon.

A bigger headline is the negotiations surrounding Justin Masterson.  He is currently in an arbitration battle with the Tribe and is looking for $11.8 million – Cleveland has offered $8.05M.  If a deal doesn’t come together soon, things could get ugly. Masterson is looking at a pittcher like Matt Garza, who just received a $50M deal with the Milwaukee Brewers, and try to make the point that he’s worth $11M. Would the Tribe trade another ace if negotiations don’t pan out?

Other players that could head towards arbitration hearing with the Indians are Michael Brantley, Josh Tomlin and Vinnie Pestano.

Cavs Win Last 4 of 5

Kyrie Irving scored 37 points, had 11 assists, and one turnover late in the game last night. The Cavs went on to beat the Knicks 109-94. The Cavs led by 18 in the first quarter, but by halftime the Knicks came back to tie it and it looked like things may spiral out of control once again.  But that Cavs came out after the half and led New York by 18 by the end of the third quarter…and by 19 at one point in the fourth before the final score had them up by 15 points.

The second quarter was full of turnovers, eight in all. And four of them came from Dion Waiters in nine minutes of play. The third and fourth quarters were completely different.

(Thomas Ondrey/The Plain Dealer)

Mike Brown in a recent interview: “I knew it would be hard for us early in the season, we spent so much time on defense and accountability. Not only were the players learning my system, but I was learning about them. I kept telling them to hang in there, it would get better.”

The Cavs are still 1-10 on the road, but they are 7-3 at home. They’ve won half as many home games this season than they did all of last season. They’re taking steps in the right direction and winning at home is the first. Moving Waiters & Varejao to the bench has given a much needed boost to the second string.

The offense revolved around Kyrie last night. If you haven’t watched the video, click play on the highlights above and watch. He had a ridiculous game. Jarrett Jack on his play: “I think that (0-for-9 game) stuck with him for a little bit, put a little bit of a fire underneath him.”

Jack had himself a game too, contributing 17 points.  Tristan Thompson had 12 points and 9 rebounds.  Another stat worth noting is their point differential – the starting five were all positive. See the full box score here. 

The Cavs will face Orlando on Friday, December 13.


ESPN: Cavs Shopping Dion Waiters

According to ESPN, the Cleveland Cavs are talking to the New York Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers, and the Chicago Bulls about a trading Dion Waiters.  The Knicks have indicated that they would trade Iman Shumpert, so for now, that is the most likely scenario.

Waiters was drafted #4 overall in 2012 and, according to some sources, has had a contentious relationship with some of his team. He has met with Mike Brown and Chris Grant and is said to be “open to being traded”, but did not ask to be moved outright. It seems that all this came to a head during the Cavs players only meeting last week.

From the ESPN article: “Irving called the meeting after the game and every player spoke. When Waiters was given the floor, he criticized Thompson and Irving, accusing them of playing “buddy ball” and often refusing to pass to him. Thompson took umbrage with Waiters’ words and went back at him verbally. The two confronted each other but teammates intervened before it could escalate into a fight.”

Trading Waiters this early in his career makes me think that there is no fixing the relationship between him and his teammates. It has been made very clear that this is Kyrie‘s team, whether Waiters likes that or not.

Tonight is a big game: Cavs vs Heat 7:30pm