A Big Night. But Just The Beginning For Our City.

CBS Cleveland

I was five years old the first time I heard them.

We were leaving a Canton McKinley Basketball game. My uncle, aunt and myself got in the car. My uncle flipped around the dial in his Buick. A few other shows, some preacher losing it, then click, there they were.

“Price…Across the time line…into the forecourt.”

It was Joe Tait, and the Cavaliers.

“Nance, back over to Price…Three ballllllllllllllll…GOT IT!”

I wouldn’t let him change it back.

Not many people remember when or how they became fans of teams. I’ll never forget that.

Of the three teams in Cleveland, I always had the softest spot for the Cavs. My dad wasn’t a fan. I sucked at basketball. Everyone loved Michael Jordan (including myself, I’ll admit). Even through the Indians glory years, I loved the Cavs above all else. They just felt like they were mine.

Lenny got canned. Hot Rod…

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