Study: Main Ingredient Found In Beer Can Help Improve Memory

CBS Cleveland

CORVALLIS, Oregon (CBS Seattle)- Beer is better for the brain than you might believe. A newstudyfinds the frothy beverage can improve memory.

A researcher atOregon State Universtitypoints to a compound found in hops, one of the main ingredients in beer, improved cognitive function in a group of mice.

The mice were given large doses ofxanthohumol, a flavinoid found in hops.Flavonoids are compounds found in plants that often give them their color.

Then the mice were run through a special mazeto determine whether they showed signs of improved spacial memory and cognitive flexibility.

?Xanthohumol can speed the metabolism, reduce fatty acids in the liver and, at least with young mice, appeared to improve their cognitive flexibility, or higher level thinking,? reportedDaniel Zamzow, with the University of Wisconsin. ?Unfortunately it did not reducepalmitoylationin older mice, or improve their learning or cognitive performance, at…

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