Josh Gordon Could Play This Year

Yesterday I posted a quick article about Josh Gordon’s new gig as a car salesman in Randolph, OH. Today I come with better news: Josh Gordon could play for the Browns this year.

The NFLPA and NFL are working on a new drug test policy that would include testing for HGH, which the NFL has wanted to do for some time now.  The new policy would also raise the limit that would indicate a positive marijuana test. The problem for Gordon is that he took his test on March 11, which is before the new league year had started. If this policy were to be implemented, anyone who had tested positive during this league year could be eligible to play – like Wes Welker.

The new test would raise the threshold to 50 ng/ml, which is the same policy that the military and Major League Baseball currently adhere to. For the Olympics, the limit is 150 ng/ml. Gordon failed his test at 15 ng/ml(A cup) and 13.6 ng/ml(B cup re-test).

According to, a source came forward and said “it’s possible Gordon will be re-instated this season”.



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