Grant Hill: ‘Cavs Should Pick Jabari Parker’

The DA Show - CBS Sports Radio

Grant Hill dealt with numerous ankle issues throughout his NBA career, so if anyone knows about foot ailments and how debilitating they can be, it’s him.

And that’s why Hill – a seven-time All-Star – is conflicted about Joel Embiid’s draft status heading into Thursday.

“That’s tough,” the NBA-TV analyst said on The Damon Amendolara Show. “I feel bad for the kid and I know he hasn’t played a lot of basketball. He’s a young kid. I mean, I had my injuries – my ankle ordeal, if you will – and I was already six years into the NBA (and had) four years in college. So I had a good 10-year run where I was pretty healthy. I was able to at least deal with that and overcome it and come back and still be somewhat productive.

“But for him, he’s got a lot of basketball in front of him…

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