Live Updates: Browns Press Conference at 11:30am

Live updates at 11:30am

  • “Joe has done a superb job” – J. Haslam
  • There will be no CEO in the new Browns organization.
  • Banner will serve in transitional role til May or June: “I don’t know that I’ve worked with anyone smarter than Joe.” – Haslam
  • Haslam said decision for Banner to depart “mutual” to “streamline” operations; all 3 will report to him
  • “The reports that HC’s didn’t want to talk to us are inaccurate” – Haslam
  • Haslam: “I will accept comments & criticism about change. There is no primer for being an NFL owner. Learn on the go”
  • Haslam “I felt like the previous setup was a little bit cumbersome.” This way “much more efficient, much more clear.”
  • “The people I talk to around the country think this is an outstanding opportunity in Cleveland.”
  • Haslam: These are the last of the major changes we’re going to make in the organization.
  • Haslam: Farmer will have final say on final 53-man roster; Pettine will set 47-man game-day roster.

That concludes Jimmy Haslam’s press conference – new GM Ray Farmer will meet with press in a few minutes.

  • Farmer: he’s an acronym guy – 1st one is KTB – Know Trust & Believe; 2nd is GUTF – Get Up The Field
  • Farmer said he knows trusts & believes in Haslam. Right man behind owning this team. He’s made a decision that we need to move forward.
  • Ray Farmer had no idea the shakeup would happen when he turned down the Dolphins job
  • “I think Jimmy should be applauded … as someone not afraid to make tough decisions.”
  • Farmer said he got a 4 year contract; Pettine got 4 plus team option for a 5th
  • “I think regardless of who the player is and what position he plays, I’ll make the right decision. It will be our decision”
  • Farmer: I definitely and very proud and happy for this day. My mom and dad are here & I wanted them to see this moment in my life.
  • Farmer acknowledges it is an “element of pride” to be one of the few African-American GMs in the NFL.
  • Farmer says he will work in “collaboration” w/ Pettine on the roster.
  • Farmer: There will be a different tenor how we stack the War Room.
  • Farmer on Davone Bess: We’re in communication. Just understand we are concerned for Davone.
  • Farmer said he has multiple draft boards right now but they’ll change
  • Farmer on hearing the news of his promotion last night: I was genuinely excited. There was a moment of reflection as well.

Earlier this morning:

Lombardi & Banner are out, Ray Farmer has been promoted to GM for the Browns.

A press conference will begin at 11:30am this morning. You can stay updated by following our live updates here at or follow us on Twitter @LivingWithCLE.

Press Release from Jimmy Haslam via

Haslam released the following statement:

“First of all, we wanted to capitalize on the knowledge, experience and character we’re fortunate to have in Ray Farmer. Ray has a tremendous football IQ, he’s compelling, and he understands the types of players we need to acquire and develop in order to win in Cleveland. He embraces his partnership with Mike Pettine, which is critical in helping build the right team. Ray will provide excellent leadership in our front office.

“We appreciate Joe’s contributions to the Cleveland Browns, especially in helping us as new owners. He was committed to creating a successful organization and bringing in talented individuals. We thank him for his work and dedication. We wish him and his family the best.

“Alec will continue in his role as President of this team. I think he’s one of the most intelligent and innovative young executives in the NFL.

“We’re also grateful for Mike Lombardi’s efforts and commitment since rejoining our organization. He is an experienced and creative NFL executive with a unique ability to see the big picture. He has tremendous instincts and I know he’ll be a valuable addition to any NFL organization. We simply wanted to give Ray this opportunity that he’s earned. We wanted to move forward under his leadership and capabilities.

“The purpose of these moves is to unify our team with one, unequivocal goal: Provide our fans with the winning organization they have long deserved.”


Statement from Joe Banner:

“It is bittersweet leaving the Browns organization. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jimmy Haslam and helping him set the infrastructure for this franchise. I am proud of the talented individuals we brought in to help lead this team and feel that the Cleveland Browns are in good hands moving forward.”


Monday Morning Roundup

Cavs Beat Memphis

The Cavs hung on to beat Memphis last night in OT 91-83.  Kyrie finished the first quarter with 14 points and by the end of the game he had racked up 28 points & six assists. Cleveland has now won back to back games since firing GM Chris Grant. Make sure to check out Kyrie’s ridiculous layup to send the Cavs to OT & Waiters dunk late last night.



Vinnie Pestano lost his arbitration case recently. He was looking for $1.45M, but will instead receive $975K. Pestano only pitched 35 1/3 innings in 2013, posting a 4.08 ERA with 9.4 K/9 and 5.3 BB/9. He injured his elbow during the World Baseball Classic and changed his delivery, so that may be partly to blame for the inflated ERA.

A Justin Masterson trade is still being talked about.  He’s still in an arbitration battle with the Indians and is looking for $11.8M, while the Tribe has offered $8.05M.  It’ll be interesting to watch this play out – we know that Masterson will start the season with the Indians. The questions is, will he be dealt midway in 2014?


There is a lot going on with the Browns: Pettine & Shannahan have been hired, Cleveland will have over $45M in cap space to resign or acquire free agents, and Draft Day 2014 is creeping up so speculation on who they will take at #4 is growing louder.

There is still chatter that the Browns will trade up to grab Johnny Manziel at #1 overall, but they could wait until #4 and take Teddy Bridgewater(If the draft gods are correct in their predictions). The Browns currently hold the #4 and #26 overall picks in the 2014 draft.

Devone Bess: He is owed $5.75M this year. Most Clevelanders agree that the Browns will sever ties with the WR on March 11 when the league year begins.  The Browns could also file a grievance with the Miami Dolphins, who knew that Bess was hospitalized before being traded to Cleveland.

Honorable Mention: Chud has been hired by the Indianapolis Colts as “Special Assistant to the Head Coach”.


Something Has To Change (Poll)

Screengrab via @nbarocksstc

That photo says it all.

The Lakers ran out of players and still beat the Cavs by eleven last night. When they arrived in Cleveland, they only had eight healthy players.  They still built up a 19 point lead in the first quarter and shot over 70% from the floor. Four minutes in to the second quarter LA built up their lead to 29 points.

With 3:32 to go, the game turned bizarre. The NBA rulebook had to be consulted after Robert Sacre received his 6th foul which should have put him on the bench. But since the Lakers had no one else, Sacre could stay on the floor. The full rule is here:


Section I-Team

a. Each team shall consist of five players. No team may be reduced to less than five players. If a player in the game receives his sixth personal foul and all substitutes have already been disqualified, said player shall remain in the game and shall be charged with a personal and team foul. A technical foul also shall be assessed against his team. All subsequent personal fouls, including offensive fouls, shall be treated similarly. All players who have six or more personal fouls and remain in the game shall be treated similarly.

I don’t know how much worse it can get for the Cavs. The February 20 trade deadline is looming and we can almost anticipate a move to be made.  The Luol Deng trade was supposed to be the last piece to this puzzle, helping to push the Cavs into the playoffs. Instead, things seemed to have gotten worse.

Moving Dion Waiters seems to be the obvious choice for the Cavs front office. We’ve heard about his arguments with team members and his dismissal from practice. One option for Waiters is with the Milwaukee Bucks for 29 year old Gary Neal. He’s most remembered for Game 3 of last year’s NBA Finals, but could still be a good option off the bench.


National Signing Day Is Here

For the latest signings follow us on Twitter(@LivingWithCLE) – we’ll be keeping you updated on the latest OSU signings. 

For all you Ohio State fans, the day has finally arrived: National Signing Day 2014.

Jamarco Jones also committed to OSU. That leaves Malik McDowell. He is choosing between Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan, and Florida State. His parents have made it clear that they don’t want him signing with Michigan State, but reports are coming out that he’ll sign with them anyways.

Damon Webb signing with OSU.