Browns Head Coach Update

The rumors surrounding the next head coach for the Browns are heating up again. McDaniels, Gase, and Whisenhunt are all gone. Dan Quinn is in the Super Bowl. Mike Pettine is getting the headlines.

Pettine has completed his second interview with the team and seems like the front office is leaning towards him. Buffalo reporter Mark Gaughan even believes he has the job locked up.

A deal could happen soon, but most reports are saying that the Browns will wait to sign their next head coach.

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With Ray Horton gone, Pettine could be a good pick for the coaching position.  He helped to improve the Buffalo defense this past year and worked under Rex Ryan before that. The Bills had 57 sacks this past season, second in the league. With the talent the Browns have on defense, it could be a big attraction for Pettine.  It would also be a rarity for a team to hire a head coach that was a defensive coordinator first. Only 3 defensive minded coaches in the past two years have been hired as a head coach in the NFL.

The Browns are interviewing another candidate today, but it is unknown who it is.  Likely interviewees could include the Falcons OC Dirk Koetter and Seahawks DC Dan Quinn.



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