All Eyes On Adam Gase

Not too long ago it seemed that Josh McDaniel was the top candidate to land the head coaching gig in Cleveland. Since finding out that he was not the front runner, he pulled his name from the list of candidates.  Today most Cleveland fans have no idea what direction the front office is moving in.

There were reports that other coaches interviewing with the Browns were first calling Rob Chudzinski about the atmosphere in Cleveland.  Chud didn’t hold back and has been telling them that Haslam, Banner, and Lombardi have not always been on the same page. Frankly put, he has become an issue for the Browns, potentially helping to make the situation in Cleveland even more desperate.

Today the Browns are interviewing former head coach of the Tennessee Titans, Mike Munchak. He was 22-26 with his former team, which doesn’t help to excite the fan base.  He’s added to a list of names including Seattle DC Dan Quinn, Packers QB coach Ben McAdoo, Chargers Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt, and Denver’s OC Adam Gase.

Ken Whisenhunt was hired by the Titans. The Lions have hired former OC for the Ravens, Jim Caldwell. Ben McAdoo was interviewed by the Browns front office already, but we haven’t heard much on the progress there.

This week it’s Adam Gase getting the headlines in Cleveland. And once again we have a front runner for the head coaching job. Joe Banner made a similar move hiring Andy Reid as HC of the Eagles in 1999 which is one reason why he’s high on the list. He was also the first person the Browns asked to speak to after firing Chudzinski.  Gase is 35 and a rookie offensive coordinator who hasn’t been the head coach of any team, at any level.


Think ahead if Gase is hired. The Browns FO has been smitten with the idea of drafting Johnny Manziel with the fourth pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Whether that’s a good idea or not is not the issue, the issue would be having a rookie head coach & quarterback in the same year.  If Gase is hired as head coach, then let’s hope that Brian Hoyer will be healthy to start next season.

What also makes me nervous as a fan is the question: How long will the Browns wait?

If Gase were to stay in Denver for another year as OC for Peyton Manning, he’s going to be coveted by every NFL team in 2015. Staying in Denver could be the best move for him.  What if he take the interview and turns the Cleveland job down? Where’s that leave the Browns in their search if that were to happen after the Super Bowl in February?

The Broncos beat the Chargers last night, which means Cleveland will have to wait a little longer to see whether or not Gase is interested. And in the meantime, the pool of head coaches to choose from is getting smaller.


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