Moving Forward: Browns

Rumors were laid to rest this weekend that the Cleveland Browns were indeed not going to interview Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops for a head coaching position. It is still unclear whether it was Stoops who initiated the rumor or it was Cleveland who was covering their tracks. Either way, McDaniels looks like the front runner at this point in the conversation.

The Browns have a lot of options in the off season with the free agent pool. The adjusted salary cap for the Browns is $150 million.  The Browns have $46 million in cap space to sign FA’s.

Before we lay out those options, let’s take a look at the expiring contracts on our 2013 roster.

Player Position Age Type Expiring Contract Details
Alex Mack Center 28 Unrestricted 5 years/$14.6 million
Shawn Lauvao Guard 26 Unrestricted 4 years/$3.3 million
T.J. Ward Safety 27 Unrestricted 4 years/$5.088 million
Oniel Cousins Guard, Tackle 29 Unrestricted 2 years/$1.5 million
Billy Cundiff Kicker 33 Unrestricted 1 year/$840,000
Willis McGahee Running Back 32 Unrestricted 1 year/$940,000
Craig Robertson Linebacker (Inside) 25 Exclusive Rights 2 years/$870,000
Jarrod Shaw Center 25 Exclusive Rights 2 years/$870,000
Julian Posey Cornerback 25 Exclusive Rights 2 years/$870,000
Brian Sanford Defensive End 26 Unrestricted 1 year/$555,000


Free agents that could find a spot on our roster next season could include:

Ben Tate, RB – HOU

The Browns made it very clear earlier in the season that they were interested in Tate. He’s 25 years old and will require big money to bring him to Cleveland, but I think it could be a huge gain for us at the RB position. He’s already admitted that he likely won’t be back in Houston next season.  His asking price could be upwards of $7 million a year.

Hakeem Nicks, WR – NYG


Nicks was held to zero TD’s in 2013 and killed any playoff hopes for my fantasy team, but he could be worth the gamble for the Browns.  He’s still averaged over 900 yards per season for the past two and has 27 touchdowns in his five year career.

Emmanuel Sanders, WR – PITT

Sanders won’t be playing for the Steelers in 2013. He’ll be one of the top unrestricted free agents this off season and will require a big price tag that Pittsburgh will not be able to match.


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