Cavs Trade Rumors

It seems the latest rumors are revolving around the Houston Rockets moving Omer Asik.  Apparently he hasn’t been very happy in Houston since Dwight Howard‘s arrival…and who could blame him? Houston is looking for a power forward to add to the squad.

One possible trade scenario that is being talked about is a three team deal involving the Cavs, Celtics, and Rockets. The Celtics would give up Jeff Green to Cleveland(Cavs would absorb his contract), Asik would go to Boston, and the Rockets would take a future first round pick(s). The salary cap math gets a little sketchy and other players would have to be involved to make it work. The deal may be just a rumor too – Chris Mannix from Sports Illustrated says there’s no way that Boston will move Jeff Green.

There were rumors that Asik could be traded directly to the Cavs for Anderson Verejao, but those rumors have since quieted.

The Philedelphia 76ers are another team that could land Asik in a deal involving Spencer Hawes and a future first round pick. But again, another team may have to get involved to make the salary cap math work.

CBS has also reported why a Paul Milsap-for-Omer Asik trade doesn’t make sense for Atlanta, so the rumors on that trade could be based in Houston.

Bill Baptist/Getty Images

The biggest thing Houston is focusing on is keeping enough cap space open to re-sign Chandler Parsons who will require a big raise when his contract expires.

The biggest players in this trade talks are the Hawks, Celtics, Cavs, and 76ers.  The Knicks have also been rumored to be a “wild card” team in the mix. Tomorrow is the deadline that Houston has set to move Asik. It should also be added that Omer Asik’s contract is up in two years and will be owed $20 million over that time span.


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