Cavs Win Last 4 of 5

Kyrie Irving scored 37 points, had 11 assists, and one turnover late in the game last night. The Cavs went on to beat the Knicks 109-94. The Cavs led by 18 in the first quarter, but by halftime the Knicks came back to tie it and it looked like things may spiral out of control once again.  But that Cavs came out after the half and led New York by 18 by the end of the third quarter…and by 19 at one point in the fourth before the final score had them up by 15 points.

The second quarter was full of turnovers, eight in all. And four of them came from Dion Waiters in nine minutes of play. The third and fourth quarters were completely different.

(Thomas Ondrey/The Plain Dealer)

Mike Brown in a recent interview: “I knew it would be hard for us early in the season, we spent so much time on defense and accountability. Not only were the players learning my system, but I was learning about them. I kept telling them to hang in there, it would get better.”

The Cavs are still 1-10 on the road, but they are 7-3 at home. They’ve won half as many home games this season than they did all of last season. They’re taking steps in the right direction and winning at home is the first. Moving Waiters & Varejao to the bench has given a much needed boost to the second string.

The offense revolved around Kyrie last night. If you haven’t watched the video, click play on the highlights above and watch. He had a ridiculous game. Jarrett Jack on his play: “I think that (0-for-9 game) stuck with him for a little bit, put a little bit of a fire underneath him.”

Jack had himself a game too, contributing 17 points.  Tristan Thompson had 12 points and 9 rebounds.  Another stat worth noting is their point differential – the starting five were all positive. See the full box score here. 

The Cavs will face Orlando on Friday, December 13.



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