TJ Ward Hit Was Legal

Bill Belichick may have been none too happy about his star tight end leaving the game with a knee injury, but TJ Ward has nothing to apologize for.  His hit was legal. We’ve heard it time and time again – with the fines mounting for hits to the upper body, defensive players are going to start taking shots below the waist. There has been a spike in knee injuries this season because of it.

“If I would’ve hit him up high, there’s a chance I was going to get a fine.” TJ Ward told press after the game. Defensive backs are put in the tough position by the league, especially against big tight ends like Gronkowski. He’s 6’6″ and 265 pounds. Ward admitted that “Gronk’s a big dude,” he’s not small by any means.”


It was soon known after the game that Gronk had a torn ACL and will likely miss the remainder of the season.  It’s a tough break for a player who missed the first six weeks of the season because of his broken arm.

“I honestly prayed for him, because it looked bad for him the way they were over there.” Ward told the press.


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