Bennett Struggles Continue

So far #1 draft pick Anthony Bennett has played 110 minutes in 10 games and is averaging 1.3 points, 2.5 rebounds, and is shooting 13.5 percent from the field.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

From “I’m just thinking too much,” Bennett said after Friday’s shoot around at the New Orleans Arena. “That’s what it is right now. I try not to mess up. There’s a lot of plays, a lot of things thrown at me. It’s not the same as college. One mistake is kind of crucial.”

He’s been booed at home, he sat on the bench while undrafted rookie Matthew Dellavedova got the start last night, and there were rumors that he may be sent to the D-League in Canton.  I know that Cavs fans are getting frustrated, but it’s way too early to give up on this rookie.

Take a look at his 16pt performance against Orlando earlier this pre-season, there is still reason to be excited about our #1 draft pick.


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