Beer Review: Citra Dog

Thirsty Dog Brewing Co.

Citra Dog

Thirsty Dog is one of my favorite breweries in northeast Ohio. They were kind enough to give some friends and I an in depth look at their brew process awhile back. It was a great experience and made me really appreciate all the work that goes in to each of their brews. Citra Dog is a beer that started as a draft only brew at the Thirsty Dog brewery. It was this past June when the beer finally made it to store shelves and into my refrigerator.

Let’s get to this beer: IPA’s are among the most popular craft beers right now across the nation. Citra Dog stands out from the pack by infusing more than enough citrus aromas and flavor to its beer to distance itself from others. When poured in to a glass, the appearance is a deep orange or honey color with a light head. The nose of the beer is distinct with Citra hops providing a floral and citrus aroma of sweet oranges, grapefruit, and lemon. This IPA doesn’t have a strong taste and I would consider it on the light to medium side of beers – perfect for summer. The sweet malt taste is apparent and isn’t overpowered by the fruit flavors. At the end of the taste your left with the citrus flavors of orange & grapefruit. This beer immediately makes me think of summer and is worthy of buying by the case.



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