Browns Announce $120 Million In Renovations

Presser has concluded – highlights can be found below. Please excuse my punctuation.


  • $62 million was granted by NFL to Browns for improvements.
  • “Football is an outdoor game played on grass” – Joe Banner. No plans for dome/roof over stadium
  • The field will remain grass, no turf.
  • New scoreboards will be 3 times larger than current one
  • New audio system will be installed and will be “dramatically different” according to Joe Banner
  • Adding escalators to make entrance/exit easier, especially to upper deck areas.
  • Seating will drop from 71,000 to 68,000, more seats in lower bowl. No impact to club seating.
  • Plans for paying for the improvements: meeting with Mayor of Cleveland tomorrow, Joe Banner declines to answer on if they will ask the city to pay for all or part of renovations.
  • “The team will make a significant investment” – Joe Banner
  • More talk on “the experience for fans & players”

Tune in here.

Browns are expected to announce renovations to First Energy Stadium today – they have $120 million in changes which includes a new scoreboard & audio equipment as well as physical changes to the stadium.

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