BREAKING: Gordon drives a Camo Porsche – How does this affect me?

On the heels of Justin Blackmon being suspended indefinitely by the NFL for another substance abuse violation, Bleacher Report attempts to drum up public criticism against Josh Gordon because he decided to paint his Porsche a camo color and put some orange rims on it. Camo isn’t really my color, but hey – to each their own.

He was quoted two days ago in an ESPN article as saying “It definitely draws attention, but there’s only certain days I bring it out.  I drive another car less attractive looking. It really doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t seem to bother anybody else. They might stare and recognize me, but I don’t really try to make a big deal out of it.”

How does this affect you and me? It doesn’t. The only thing that will have an effect on the average Browns fan is if he can’t stay clean and goes the way of Justin Blackmon.  Hey Bleacher Report, let’s get back to the real issues…I need my Start/Sit Fantasy advice for this weekend. 

Photo Courtesy of @JoeNogaCLE

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