Brandon Weeden Turns 30, Still Struggling

Post by Andrew Kluge


Cleveland fans have not seen any progress in Brandon Weeden since last year – he still slow to throw the ball, awful under pressure, and his TD/INT ratio is nearly the same.  This is his second chance as the starting QB.  It doesn’t help his expectations that Hoyer rallied the Browns to a three game win streak before falling to the Lions this past Sunday.  Hoyer played with the same offensive line that Weeden did…and the numbers are vastly different between the two.

In  the 4th quarter Brandon Weeden is 29-of-57 with no touchdowns, one interception and seven sacks; QBR of 62.1.

Compare that to Hoyer who is 16-of-23 with two touchdowns, four sacks and a 117.3 rating.

The Browns defense may have had their worst performance under Ray Horton, but what do you expect when they are on the field so much? Add another QB’s name to the infamous jersey, because we’re about to get another replacement for 2014.


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